Employment and Training for Disabled Persons

Reservation in Government Service

The Government has provided 3% reservation in A and B Post and 5% reservation in C and 'D' category of posts in all Government recruitments.  The Government has also identified different kinds of jobs, which can be performed by disabled persons.  

Industrial Training Centre, Mysore

State Government extends 100% financial assistance to Bangalore based NGO called NAB to run a centre to impart vocational training in light engineering, plastic moulding, cane wiring etc. Visually impaired and hearing impaired students who have completed SSLC can take this course which helps them to find suitable job. 


          The Government of Karnataka through the Directorate Employment and Training has established Special Employment Exchange at Bangalore.  The    educated / literate disabled persons are at liberty to register their names seeking employment.  As of now 3,600 persons with disabilities have registered their names.  In all 36,000disabled persons have registered their names in all the employment exchanges throughout the State. 

                 Contact:  - Superintendent, Special Employment Exchange,
                                     Near Lakkasandra Bus Stop,
                                     Wilson Garden Bangalore – 560047
                                     Ph. N0. - 080- 22722231


With an objective of enriching the skills and empowering of the disabled in getting placement in private sector, the Dept. has started a scheme called "Training and Employment to disabled Persons". The scheme started in the year 2006-07 in 20 districts on pilot basis. The scheme would be extended to the remaining 7 districts during 2007-08.

The scheme envisages providing the following computer based training to the selected disabled persons at Dist. level, who have educational qualification of PUC and above. 

Call Center        -    6 months            
PC Hardware    -    6 months
DTP                  -    3 months
Data Entry        -    3 months
DCAC              -    3 months. 
          The non-matriculates are given 3 months training in vocational courses. Free hostel facility will be provided to the trainees during training period. 

Mode of selection: Candidates who are interested should submit their applications to the District Disabled Welfare Officer when the announcement is made.

An interview will be conducted and candidate will be selected to each trade as per their qualification and ability.
Hostels for disabled employees and trainees
The department runs 2 hostels for working and under trainee disabled persons separately for women and men at Bangalore.  A person with disability whose income is less than 60,000 p.a. is eligible for seeking admission to these hostels.  The intake capacity is 50 for each Hostel.            


Ø        Adhara:

             Under this scheme financial assistance is given to eligible disabled persons to set up petty business. An amount of Rs.20,000 is given as interest free loan as working capital and a Kiosk worth of Rs.15,000 to setup business.

Eligibility criteria:

1.      Age of the beneficiary must be 16 and above and must be unemployed.
2.      Income limit is Rs.11,500 p.a. for rural persons and 24,000 p.a.  for urban persons.
3.      40% and above disability certificate is must by the Medical Board.
4.      Should be a resident of Karnataka for last 10 years.
5.      Should be literate and  have skill in small business.

Ø       Telephone Booths
                (G.O.No: m m a:433:PHP-96 dtd.23.3.97/

Telephone booths worth of Rs.12,000 are provided free of cost to enable the disabled persons to start self employment. The scheme is revised and  present financial assistance is extended to buy metaphones to enable the disabled persons.

Eligibility criteria:
1.   Age of the beneficiary must be 18 and above
2.   Income limit is Rs.12,000 p.a. Certificate should be obtained   from Tahasildar
3. VH, HI, MH,OH and Leprosy Cured person are eligible.
4. 40% and above disability certificate is must by the Medical Board.