​Rehabilitation Schemes

Aids and Appliances:

Aids and Appliances are provided to disabled persons whose families annual income is less than Rs.11,500 in Rural Areas and Rs.24,000 in Urban Areas.

Eligibility Criteria:

1.      Must be resident of Karnataka for the last 10 years  and  should be certified by the Tahasildar.
2.      Income limit is Rs.24000 for urban areas and Rs.11500 for rural areas inhabitants.

tKarnataka State Disability Medical Relief  Scheme for corrective surgeries for the prevention of disabilities:

The Scheme aims at providing financial assistance to undergo corrective surgeries.

Eligibility Criteria:

1.      Income limit is Rs.25000 for rural and less than Rs.50, 000 for urban
2.      Treatment should be conducted at Government Hospitals and reputed well-equipped specialised Hospitals.
3.      Vouchers for treatment/ medicine should be enclosed
4.      Total eligible amount is Rs.15,000/- which will be remitted to the treatment hospital.
5.      Disability Certificate certified by the medical board.

Financial assistance up to maximum of Rs.15000/- is extended for corrective surgeries. The said amount will be deposited directly in the concerned Hospitals.