​New Schemes

 Spoorthy Self Help Groups

To cater to the needs of illiterate and semiliterate persons with disabilities, home based income generating activity needs to be encouraged and to motivate persons with disabilities for savings.  The scheme has been implemented in all the 27 Districts @ one Taluk in each District where percentage of persons with disabilities is more. 10 Self Help Groups in each Taluk have been formed through NGOs. 

Main Objectives

  • To train PWD's in vocational skill sets
  • Form SHG's to engage in production activities.
  • Inculcate group interactive attitudes.
  • Promoting the habit of saving.

t Rural Rehabilitation Project for Disabled persons: (Revised NPRPD Scheme)

Main aim of the scheme is to deliver all Govt. services at the doorstep of the disabled persons. Disabled persons will be appointed at Grama Panchayat Level and Taluk level as level rehabilitation and multi purpose rehabilitation workers respectively.  

Criteria for Selection:​

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