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Directorate of Welfare of Disabled and Senior Citizen

Government of Karnataka

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Departmental Structure

 The Department for the Empowerment of Differently Abled & Senior Citizens is functioning as separate department from the year 1998. The Directorate is functioning in the ground floor, Podium Block, V.V.Tower. As per the C & R rules of 01-04-2004. The Director is the head of the department and to assist him. Their Joint Director, Deputy Director, Assistant Director and Office Manager. The department implementing several programmes for the Welfare of the Differently abled and Senior Citizens. The Department has evolved programmes for bringing the differently abled persons into the main stream of Society by providing equal opportunities and to protect their rights and to ensure their participation. The Directorate intends to provide Health care other facilities to Senior Citizens.

1. The structure of the Department (Administration)

At the State level:- The for Department for the Empowerment of Differently Abled & Senior Citizens functions under the head of the department as Director. The main section are administration, Planning, Accounts, Public Grievances, Scheme Implementation each section is constituted with Superintendent and to Case workers to discharge functions of the department smooth Higher authorities.

At District level:- District Disabled Welfare Officer is the implementing officer. Working under Deputy Director for Women and Child Welfare Department at the district level. He is supported with the staff One Programme Assistant, One Typist, Group 'D' Worker and MRWs and VRWs for executive works.


Brief introduction to the programmes of the Department.

The department is starving to ensure that Pwds derive benefits from the programme of the department and lead normal life as their normal Counter parts.

Disabilities are classified as under

1.     Orthopedically Handicap.

2.     Visually Challenged.

3.     Hearing Impaired.

4.     Mentally Challenged.

5.     Persons with Multiple Disabilities.

6.     Leprosy Cured.

7.     Mentally ill.

Persons with disabilities (equal Opportunities, protecting of rights act and full protection) act 1995 Dated:07-07-1996 is in force. Under the Section is of their act state Co-ordination committee has been constituted and a commission under 60 of the act is also appointed. The state executive Committee is constituted in accordance with the section 19 of the act. The act is being implemented in both letter and spirit to ensure that he protection of the rights of the differently abled persons and equal opportunities and full participation in the Society. For this purpose the office of the Commissioner for person with disabilities is function at Thambuchetty Road, Cocks Town-05.

a) Education:

1. Special residential Schools for Children with Speech & Hearing implement: There are 4 Special School for the children with Speech and Hearing impaired at Mysore, Gulberga, Bellary & Belgaum districts in these schools free education boarding lodging and care is being provided. The deaf schools in Belgaum are exclusively for girls.

2. Special residential school for Visually Impaired Children: There are 04 Special residential schools at Gulberga,Mysore,Davangere & Hubli districts in their school free education boarding,

lodging and care is being provided. The Blind school at Davanagere is For Visually Impaired girls.

3. Scholarship for disabled students:

Unser this programme scholarship is provided to students studying from 1st  standard to post graduation from the year 2001. This scheme is exempted from furnishing income certificate. In this year 2012-13 Rs 247.22 laks is spent under these scheme and Rs………………….. no. of students is benefited from he scheme.


Sl.noScholarship     to                           persons with DisabilitiesConveyance Allowance to Orthopedically handicapped Persons
11 to 5 Std.200/-
26 to 10 Std.400/-

Degree Courses

BA / B.Sc / B.Com / T.C.H & etc.



Bteeh/MBBS/LLB/Diplamo in Fabrication/Eng. In Plant



4. Braille Press:-

The Braille is functioning from the year 1992 and the main aim of these press bring to supply it books in Braille script free of the cost to all the students studying from 1 to 10th government and from the year 2002 these press has been computerized which has enabled all he been to students to acquire lot books in blind along with the text books every year Braille Calendars and other General books are being printed and distributed.

5. Incentives Awards for Meritorious students:

Students   securing   more   than    60%   of   marks   in   public   examination    are given incentive award under this scheme, these scheme is extended to BA, BED and TCH form the year 2001.

6. Special Teacher Training Institute Mysore:

For teachers of teaching Visually Challenged and Speech and Hearing students a Special teachers training institute has been establish in Mysore in the year 2000-2001. Every year 50 candidates are being trained in this institute.

 District Zone Scheme  

1. Financial assistance to special Grant in Aid schools:

Special schools for the person's have been run by the NGO'S & the state Govt is Providing financial assistance through Grant in aid to such institution state Govt has been providing Grant In Aid under this scheme to 35 special schools & training institute the details of schools receiving Grant in Aid are Given below

Child Centric scheme For Children with Disabilities

Among the Various Schemes formulated & implemented by the dept for the Empowerment of Differently abled & senior citizens the educational schemes play a vital role one such scheme is the child centric scheme for the Children with Disabilities.


1)    To create conducive atmosphere for the education of children with special needs

2)    As  entrained  in  the  constitution  of India education     should be provided to every citizen of India which includes the children with disabilities.

3)    To make the children with disabilities contributing members of the society like there normal counter parts.

4)    To Open schools for those Mentally Challenged Children who could be provided education & to open day care centers for such children's in taluk level.

5)    In the year 2012-12 for 39 schools Rs.298.38lakhs budjet has been spent.


B)  Employment and Training

1.  5% Reservation in Government job: 3% reservation in A & B cader and 5% reservation for C & D are made in Government jobs for differently abled persons by the state government. Job that can be under taken by differently abled persons are identified and notified in the gazette                                                                                                  .​

2.  Industrial Training Center Mysore: The aim of the scheme is to provide employment training to Visually Challenged. This center is being run by N.A.B. with the help of grant in aid from state govt. In this center 25 visually Challenged benificiaries are trained in light engineering, Recaining, Rope making, Mat Making and Plastic mounding.

 3.  Hostel for differently abled employees and trainees: Separate Hostels for differently abled employed and trainee's men and Women are run by the govt. in Bangalore. For admission into this hostel the annual income of the applicant should not exceed Rs. 60,000/-per annum. The men's and women hostel provider accommodation for 50 each candidates.

4. Training & Employment scheme for differently abled Girls & Boys: It is Mandatory for the Govt to Provide training & Create Employment opportunity to Bring them to the Main Stream of Society. In this backdrop it is necessary to provide training to the differently abled persons based on the local needs & by empowering  them.  In  the   Govt   order   no ೯೯೯:145:೯೯೯೯೯೯೯೯:2001(1)Dated 29/07/2006 has been issued during the training period free boarding and lodging should be provided for  the candidates & the agencies providing the training  must  ensure  that  atleast 25% of  the  beneficiaries  are  employed gainfully during the year 2012-13 in  10 districts training was provided for 856 no of beneficiaries in collaboration with the skill development corporation.

1. Spoorthy Swasahaya Yojane: In order to creat employment opportunity & to make the person's with disabilities self reliant, self help group under the said scheme consisting of 10Members in each group & 10Group in a selected taluk of Districts was started in the year 2006-2007 on a pilot basis & During the current year Rs 45lakhs Has been Spent for The Implementation of this scheme. As per Govt order ೯೯೯/143/PHP/2011/Bangalore Dated 22/10/2011 of Year 2006-2007 is implemented, Further the self help group in 29 District were​​ Strengthened & along with this in 30districts remaining 147Taluk's self help groups are constituted ( 1group per taluk). In collaboration with the CBR Network have been providing training to Person's with disabilities and Assisting in the formation of self help group, the person's with disabilities are trained in various income generating activities such as preparation of Masala, Detargents, calendar making, poultry & rabbit farming and cattle railing under the scheme.

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