Our genuine, virtuous and high quality products, backed by an extensive excellent customer service approach, have won accolades from all over the world. We attribute this success to our esteemed clients, both international as well as domestic, for appreciating the authenticity and distinctive features of the products.

However, I visit India often, mostly to Karnataka and Kerala, where I am originally from. During my recent visit, I was given a packet of your sandalwood soap. I very much enjoy the scent and feel of this soap. In fact, I have had many compliments on it from my American friends and colleagues.

Deepak Pillai

Pillai & Curtis Co. Denver, Colora
On my last visit to Bangalore I purchased your product Mysore Sandal Soap. I found it to be of excellent quality. However, inspite of my strenuous efforts, I cannot find this soap in any shops in Germany.

W.H. Rogoyski

I have purchased your Mysore Sandel Soap in Australia at one of the Markets and am wondering if your have an outlet in New Zealand where I can purchase this soap.

Sharon Pigott

Your Company is in my opinion one of the best manufactures of soaps made from pure vegetable ingredients, I personally use them now for about 3 years As I planning to set up a new branch of retailing and wholesaling Ayurvedic remedies for common disease as well as naturally manufactured soaps, oils, toothpaste and beauty care articles, I am looking for a serious, competent and reliable supplier of only the best quality.

Schaffler Herbert

We are very much interested to import some of the above-mentioned soap to Switzerland. Having traveled many times to India. I started to appreciate the particular smell of this soap. Therefore please send us information concerning composition of this soap, a complete price list and shipping costs.

Pearle Prince

Last November, While attending a conference in San Francisco, California, I went into a Indian store and bought a few bars of Mysore Sandal Soap. My family and I like it so much that we want to continue using it, but we can't find it in Puerto Rico.

Fco Javier Saracho M

Good morning I just want to thank MySore Detergent for MDC Soap. I am a mother of three kids and have my own Soccer team both Girls and Boys. I am also working. My team consist of 103 team members from 06 to 23 years old. You can imagine a lot of work I am facing everyday.Financial wise its even worse cause I am a single parent. One day I was walking in the shop and saw this MDC mysore detergent. I bought 10bars to try it on my teams soccer jerseys. I was so impressed with the work it did for me. I normally used more than R30 to wash 6 sets of Soccer jerseys but that day I used less than R15 and the Soccer Jerseys were as bright as anything. Thank you once again MYSORE for your magic bars (As my team calls it) Its also played a great role to motivate my team because they always looks bright everyday. Well Done Guys.

Helen Gontsana

Sasko Durban Mill Credit Controller
I started using Mysore Sandal Classic Soap and it seems to be good. It has a kind of moisturiser and it is rich in lather while we apply to our skin. After the shower it does not drive the skin to dryness.

Rubesh Sukamaran

Business Manager, MAS,Kingdom of Malavara