Investment Tracking & Realization

Asset-Liability Monitoring

The Department was renamed as “Directorate of “Pension, Small Savings and Asset-Liability Monitoring” vide Government order No.FD 25 Savula 201, dated:21.04.2010. The Department is entrusted with the work of tracking the Government investments under loans and shares and the amount due to Government in the form of interest, dividends or guarantee commission where Government stands as guarantor. 
Areas covered are,

1) Loans:- Loans offered to Public Sector undertakings, Industries, Factories and other organization where Government is due for interest as per the agreed terms.

2) Shares:- Investment of Government money in Share Capitals of different organizations where Government is due for dividends.

3) Guarantor: Government would have stood as guarantor for many companies to take loans from the banks where Government is due for guarantee commission @ 1% p.a.

Authorities under Right to Information Act
Sl.NoAuthorityDesignation of the officer

State Public Information Officer

Deputy Director,
(Small Savings & Adm)
Directorate of Pension, Small Savings& Asset-Liability Monitoring,
V.V.Towers, Dr.B.R.Ambedkarveedhi,
Bangalore-560 001
2Assistant Public Information OfficerAssistant Director at District level
(Address – Please refer organization setup)
​3Appellate AuthorityDirector,
Pension, Small Savings & Asset-Liability Monitoring, 
V.V.Towers, Dr.B.R.Ambedkar Veedhi, 
Bangalore- 560 001.​