Agarbattis - Sir M V
Sir MV 100

Sir M V

Weight-100gms .

₹ 30.00


Product Description

“Agarbathies are an essential part of all auspicious occasions, spreading a divine fragrance that calms the mind and lifts the spirts. KS&DL agarbathi portfolio includes the inimitable collections of typical fragrances made from the best ingredients to provide a soothing fragrance throughout the day”.

The Agarbathi is named after the visionary engineer, Sir. M. Vishveshwaraiah, the Statesman of Karnataka who was also the founder of our Company.

The machine made Agarbathies are dipped in unique fragrance which is a blend of natural essential oils and aromatic chemicals. The pleasant aroma reminiscent of the lily makes you receptive for positive things in the day ahead.