Agarbattis - Mysore Sandal Mystic Agarbathi
Mystic Agarbathies

Mysore Sandal Mystic Agarbathi

Weight-90gms .

₹ 60.00


Product Description

“Agarbathies are an essential part of all auspicious occasions, spreading a divine fragrance that calms the mind and lifts the spirts. KS&DL agarbathi portfolio includes the inimitable collections of typical fragrances made from the best ingredients to provide a soothing fragrance throughout the day”.

The Mysore Sandal Mystic is the latest addition to the basket of Quality Agarbathi products from the House of Mysore Sandal. The speciality of the agarbathi is that it makes your spiritual experience unique and inspirational during meditation.

The agarbathi is made with fine tuned perfume blend of unique fragrant ingredients. The characteristic odour profile of the agarbathi is very diffusive and makes pleasant experience.