Cosmetics - Mysore Sandal Facepack

Mysore Sandal Facepack

Weight-75gm .


Natural Sandalwood oil, Rose water, Almond oil, Orange peel powder, Saffron, Fuller’s earth & Aqua

₹ 300.00


Product Description

The Mysore Sandal Face pack is a gift of nature enriched with Fuller’s earth, Sandalwood oil, Almond oil, Rose water, Saffron, Orange peel powder, etc. giving you a rich moisturizing, cooling and soothing experience.

The product embodies the blend of ancient Ayurvedic elements and Scientific Research.

Pure & natural Sandalwood oil & Saffron cleanses the skin from impurities thus enhancing your skin tone by giving it a natural and fairer glow. Fuller’s earth, Orange peel powder & Rose water reduces pigmentation, dark circles & wrinkles. Almond oil provides natural moisture to your skin.