Detergents - Kleenol Multipurpose Liquid

Kleenol Multipurpose Liquid

Weight-250ml, 500ml, 1 ltr, 5 ltr .


Sodium salt of LABSA, Magnesium Sulfate, Sodium etidronate, Fresh Lime Perfume, Water & Colour (C.I. No. 47000).

₹ 100.00₹ 400.00

₹ 100.00
₹ 400.00

Product Description

The Kleenol Multipurpose Liquid is scientifically formulated, pH balanced with natural fresh lime fragrance. It is a concentrated (15% Active detergent) cleaning liquid with fully bio-degradable, environmental friendly surfactants added with auxiliary ingredients. Its concentration facilitates flexibility in usage for multiple cleaning & washing applications for hygienic cleaning.

Kleenol multipurpose cleaning liquid is different from other products by its unique multipurpose cleaning properties viz., dish wash, floor clean, etc., and being concentrated needs to be suitably diluted for use”.

The product is also available in bulk quantity (5ltr, 50ltr & 200ltr Cans) with 20% Active detergent content and without fragrance and colour for institutional sales.