1. KSDL is promptly and productively working on setting up a Sandalwood garden in Shimogga. The purpose of this, is to educate farmers and entrepreneurs about the long term sustainable supply of natural sandalwood from ethical and legal sources. This could lead to mutual benefit ofthe farmers and KSDL.
  2. KSDL believes in the corporate philosophy of "share and prosper". This is why, KSDL has launched the "Grow More Sandalwood" scheme. The scheme seeks to provide rich opportunities for the farmers. The propagation of Sandalwood for commercial cultivation aids in the conservation of the species as it is threatening to become extinct. KSDL also hopes to promote rural economic empowerment through creation of employment that is large scale.
  3. KSDL is tirelessly working on ecologically sustainable and ethical supply of sandalwood in a socially conscious manner. This has been achieved through inter plantation of crops, along with other medicinal plants, ensuring there is no adverse impact on land degradation. Sandalwood used by KSDL are responsibly sourced.
  4. KSDL is energetically working on utilization of their distillation units and diversifying their activities toward other essential natural oil plants namely, Vetivert, Patchouli, Lemongrass, Palm Rosa and others.
  5. They are working on extending their products with the natural sandalwood base to room fresheners, deodorants, perfume sprays, shaving gels, body wash gels, and herbal products.
  6. KSDL is busy setting up sandalwood plantations for captive consumption, modern nursery, clonal orchards, good quality seedlings, germ plasm bank for planting material that has great quality.
  7. KSDL's cherished vision is to make India gain the glory of the past by making it the largest producer of Santalum Album (Indian Sandalwood) within the next decade. This is planned to be achieved through buy back arrangement with potential growers, and entrepreneurs, by providing scientific information and marketing information periodically about Indian Sandalwood Industry and the Global scenario of it.
  8. KSDL wishes to establish and develop sandalwood oil factory as a center for learning - 'from soil to oil'.
  9. KSDL seeks to continue its efforts under the programme "Growing more Sandalwood", thus promoting the commercial cultivation of Sandalwood all over the state. They intend to extend this to other parts of the country too.