​Terms of Reference

The Government of Karnataka so far has referred twenty three references to the Law Commission of Karnataka they are as under:

  1. To rectify defects in existing laws;
  2. To repeal obsolete laws;
  3. To identity laws which are no longer needed or relevant and can be immediately repealed;
  4. To identify laws which require changes or amendments to bring them in harmony with the climate of economic liberalizations;
  5. To consolidate, modify and reform existing laws;
  6. To simplify/modernize the laws;
  7. To enact laws to rectify the defects pointed out by Courts;
  8. To assist the Legislature to improve drafting;
  9. To tender advice when sought by the Government in regard to important legal and constitutional issues;
  10. To suggest measures for securing quick and quality justice;
  11. To suggest measures for ensuring good Governance;
  12. To suggest measures for improving Administration;
  13. To provide training to officers of Legislative Wing and also Legislators in legislative process;
  14. To suggest measures to improve standards of performance of Government functionaries;
  15. To suggest legislation to implement Directive Principles of State Policy;
  16. To suggest legislation with a view to promoting gender equality;
  17. To interact with other Law Commissions and research Institutions at the State National and International levels;
  18. To assist in interstate disputes;
  19. To recommend measures to improve administrative Accountability;
  20. To recommend measures to eliminate corruption;
  21. To participate in National and International Forums engaged in Reforms of  law and administration of justice;
  22. To assist in implementation of international treaties and conventions relevant to the State administration;
  23. Other matters referred by Government.

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