​​​Functional Procedure

How does the Commission function?
Suggestions, Proposals and suo-motu actions by the Law Commission:
References received by the Law Commission from the Government of Karnataka, High Court of Karnataka and recognized Non-Government Organization and suo-motu action initiated by the Commission for consideration for one of the terms of the references referred in G.O No. LAW 42 HRC 2008, Bangalore dated 12/01/2009 and action deemed fit by the Commission.
All matters referred to in para No.1 are placed before the Chairman by the Member Secretary for seeking direction.
The Member and Member Secretary take initial action as directed by the Chairman in respect of matters referred to by the Chairman.
The notes prepared by the Member/Member Secretary have to be placed before the Chairman for discussion and further action in the matter.  The draft proposal shall be placed before the Commission; the Commission may call such concerned persons/institutions for discussion on the subject with a view to assessing the requirements as well as problems for appropriate action.
The Commission may refer the matter to a Research Scholar for preparation and collection of data touching the matter in question.
After all the data/information is secured, the Commission shall hold discussions; formulate the proposal for action to be taken in the matter.  The report prepared by the Commission on the subject shall be placed before the Full Commission for consideration and appropriate action.  Modification if any, in any of the proposal in the light of the discussion of the report shall be considered and a final report shall be prepared for appropriate action by the Government of Karnataka.
The Commission welcomes suggestions from any person, institution or organization on the issues under consideration of the Commission, which may be sent to the Member Secretary, Law Commission of Karnataka.