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Karnataka Electricity Regulatory Commission

Government of Karnataka

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OUR OBJECTIVE ​​​​​​​is to regulate all aspects of the electricity sector in an objective, professional and transparent    manner. To safeguard consumers’ interests. To ensure ​reliable, least – cost power supply as a basic input for the economic and social development of the state.

​What's New........

​​Cases​ list​ed for Hearing​ 

​: On 22.12.2016

​​Court Orders  

: OP No. 19 / 2016, Dated : 14.12.2016

Tariff ​

​​: Tariff Revision 2017​ 
​​​​​​​Miscellaneous​ Regulation​ ​​​​​​Notifi​cat​ion​


​Public Hearing
Manual for Safety / Technical Audit of Power Distribution System [uploaded on ​25.11.2016]

INVITING QUOTATION : AMC for Server / Desktop / Laptop & Firewall
 [uploaded on ​07.11.2016]

Abridged Version of OP No. 18/2016 filed before KERC as per Section 64 of Electricity Act.
​Public Notice : ENGLISH / KANNADA [uploaded on ​07.11.2016]

INVITING TENDER : Consultancy services for conducting prudence check for FY-16
 [uploaded on ​01.09.2016] 
Standard Approved format of Power Purchase Agreement for Rooftop Solar PV PlantsGross Metering Arrangement
Net Metering Arrangement [uploaded on ​08.07.2016] 

KERC (Forcasting, Scheduling, Deviation settlement and related matters for Wind and Solar Generation sources) Regulations, 2015 - Extension of date [uploaded on ​28.11.2016]

5th Amendment of Conditions of Supply of Electricity of Distribution Licensees in the State of Karnataka (COS), 2016 [uploaded on ​28.11.2016]

8th Amendment to KERC (Recovery of Expenditure for Supply of Electricity) Regulations, 2016 [uploaded on ​28.11.2016]

Draft KERC (Procurement of Energy from Renewable Sources) (Fourth Amendment) Regulation, 2016[uploaded on ​04.11.2016]

Draft KERC (Implementation of Solar Rooftop Photovoltaic Power Plants) Regulations, 2016​​​ [uploaded on ​12.09.2016]

Draft KERC (Compliance Audit) Regulations, 2016​​​ [uploaded on ​07.09.2016] 

KERC (Fee) Regulations, 2016​​​ [uploaded on ​24.08.2016] 

Draft Conditions of Supply of Electricity of Distribution Licensees in the State of Karnataka (CoS) (Fifth Amendment) 2016​​​ [uploaded on ​08.07.2016] 

Draft KERC (Recovery of Expenditure for Supply of Electircity) (Eighth Amendment) Regulations, 2016​​​
[uploaded on ​08.07.2016] 
KERC (Forcasting, Scheduling, Deviation settelment and Related Matters for Wind & Solar Generation Sources) Regulation, 2015 [uploaded on ​08.06.2016] 

Public Hearing Notice : On 24.08.2016 [uploaded on 16.08.​​​2016]
: Determination of Tariff for the energy generated from Mass burn controlled combustion technology based Waste to Energy Power Project
PETITION [uploaded on 31.05.​​​2016]

​​[uploaded on 11-May​-​​2016] 

[uploaded on 02-May​-​​2016] ​​ ​​​​​​


​​Public Notice : O P No. 15/2016Notice [uploaded on ​23.11..2016]

Public Notice : O P No. 29/2016Notice [uploaded on ​22.11..2016]

Public Hearing Notice : Draft KERC (Implementation of Solar Rooftop Photovoltaic Power Plants) Regulations, 2016[uploaded on ​16.11..2016]

Public Hearing Notice on 27.07.2016 [uploaded on ​12.07.2016]

[uploaded on ​08.06.2016]

Discussion paper​​​ [uploaded on 16-Nov-2015] Public Hearing Notice​ ​Petition filed under section 11(2) in OP No. 33/2015.​​

Notice : English / Kannada​​​​ [uploaded on 07-April-2016] ​



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