​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Programmes and Schemes

​Karnataka State is one of the pioneer States in the Country in providing comprehensive Public Health Services to its people. Even before the concept of Primary Health Centres was conceived by the Government of India, the State had already made a beginning in this regard by establishing a number of Primary Health Units for providing Comprehensive Health Care delivery system consisting of "Curative" "Preventive", "Promotive" and "Rehabilitation" Health Care to the people of the State as "HEALTH" is an asset of every community. The Department is rendering the following Services as Common Minimum Needs Programme  through its network of Medical and Health Institutions in the State.

Curative Services
​​​Vajpayee Arogya Shree​, Rajiv Arogya Sree, Jyothi Sanjeevini Scheme​
Reproductive and Child Health Services
​​​Janani Suraksha Yogana, Madilu, Prasuti Araike
​Immunisaqtion Programme (Pulse Polio)
Indra Dhanush
Child and adolocent health services
Shuchi, Rastriya Bala Swasthya Karyakrama (RBSK)
​​Integrated Diseases Survellliance Programme
​​​Prevention and control of communicable diseases
​​​​National Leprosy Control Programme
National Aids Control Programme
Revised National Tuberculosis Control Programme
National Guinea worm Eradication Programme;
National programme for control of blindness.;​
National Vector Borne Disease Control Programme​
National Anti Malaria Programme
National Filaria Control Programme
Anti JE Programme
Dengue Control Programme.
National Iodine deficiency disorder control programmes
Health Care Support Services
​​Laboratory services
Prevention of Food Adulteration
Environmental sanitation
Vital Statistics
Nutritional Services
Health Education Training and School Health Services
​​​Transport and ICT Services
​E.M.R.I (Arogya Kavacha-108)
Mobile Health Units.​​​
Arogya Sahayavani-104 and