​​AYUSH OPD Clinics in the Primary Health Centres under National AYUSH Mission

Government of India in letter No. 14012/41/2006 H & D Cell dated 31.1.2007 had sanctioned two Government Ayurveda and three Homoeopathy Units in the five PHCs of Kuppelur, Hattimathura, Thiluvalli, Koda and Byadgi in Haveri District.  The scheme has now been included under the National AYUSH Mission since 2014-15.  During 2015-16 following allocation grant proposal are included in the SAAP for the procurement of Drugs, Medicines, Diet and other consumables and lumpsum contingency for these units.

​Sl ​​No​Unit​Estimate​Amount​
​1​Government Ayurveda Units in PHCs at Kuppelur and Hattimathura in Haveri District​Rs. 2.50 lakhs x 2 units​Rs. 5.00 lakhs
​2​Government Homoeopathy Units in PHCs at  Thiluvalli, Koda and Byadgi​Rs. 2.50 lakhs x 3 units​Rs. 6.00 lakhs
​3​Lumpsum contingency in 4 units​0.30 lakhs x 4 units​Rs. 1.20 lakhs
​Lumpsum contingency in 1 unit​0.228 lakhs x 1 unit​Rs. 0.228 lakhs
​Total​Rs. 12.428 lakhs