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​​​​​​Karnataka Health Systems Reforms Development Project

Karnataka Health System and Development and Reform Project is a World Bank funded IDA Project launched in 2007. The Project aims at (1) increasing utilization of essential health services (curative, preventive and public health), particularly in underserved areas and among vulnerable groups and (2) improving health service delivery, public-private collaboration and financing, particularly for the benefit of underserved and vulnerable groups in Karnataka. The Project has two lines of Credit (Ongoing Credit IDA 4229 IN effective from 11.1.2007(US $ 141.83 million) & Additional Credit IDA 5161 IN effective from 21.11.2012(US $ 70 million) and the closing date is March 31, 2016.  

Main Objectives of the Project are: • Improving the efficiency in allocation and use of health resources through institutional development • Improving primary health care delivery system with Innovative approach • Organising public private partnerships in the delivery and management of health services • Improving the quality of service delivery,enhancing the health care waste management operations and food safety regulations • Non-communicable disease(NCD)prevention and control • Road safety and emergency health services • Strengthening the capacity of the institutional framework by addressing governance, management and human resource development issues • Providing financial protection for the poor through health insurance​.

KHSRDP is headed by Administrator.

As a part of strengthening Institutional Capacity of the Dept., it was agreed with the World Bank that separate cells would be created in the Directorate of Health and Family Welfare Services that can focus on special issues. Accordingly, Health Accounts, Health Financing and Public Private Partnership Cells have been created vide G.O. No. HFW (PR) 45 WBA 2009, Bangalore dated 21.7.2009.The Health Finance Cell (HFC) has been created as a Single Window Agency to deal with all matters relating to Budget, Finance and Accounts of all the activities of the H & FW Dept and carry out research studies related to public health financing. 

A review committee consisting of following officers  reviews the progress of the work and the reports submitted by the Consultancy: 

  1. Project Administrator, KHSDRP and Mission Director, NRHM 
  2. D(Planning), Health and Family Welfare Department 
  3. Chief Administrative Officer, KHSDRP 
  4. CFO KHSDRP and NRHM, Member Secretar
  5. Technical expert to be nominated by Project Administrator. ​

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