​​​​​​​​​​​Cadre Management - Vacancy position and progress of recruitment during 2015-16 of Health an​​d Family Welfare Services Department


Health and Family Welfare Services Department has 64354 sanctioned posts in various cadres out of which 42984 officers and employees are working and 21370 posts in various cadres are vacant.

​Sl No​Group​Sanctioned​Working​Vacant
​1​Group A​6619​4399​2220
​2​Group B​745​474​271
​3​Group C​43035​29880​13145
​4​Group D​13965​8231​5734

Posts of entry level cadres of General Duty Medical Officers, Dental Officers and Specialists have been filled by direct recruitment as well as regularisation/absorption.  Details of posts filled by direct recruitment and regularisation and absorption for the last 10 years are as follows: 

​​​​​Sl No​Notification​Cadre​Method of recruitment​Number of Posts
​1​HFW 185 HSH 2009 dated 29.01.2010​General Duty Medical Officer​Regularisation​279
​2​HFW 185 HSH 2009 dated 29.02.2012​Dental Medical Officers​Regularisation​66
​3​HFW 69 HSH 2012 dated 29.2.2012​Specialist Doctors​Direct Recruitment​562
​4​HFW 739 HSH 2008 dated 26.12.2009​General Duty Medical Officers​Direct Recruitment​815
​​​​Total ​ ​ ​​2716

Recruitments made by the Special Recruitment Committee of the Department of Health and Family Welfare from 2000 to 2014

Sl No​Year​Name of the post​Number of posts filled
​1​2000​General Duty Medical Officer​573
​2​2000​Assistant Dental Surgeons​115
​3​2000​Junior Physicist​1
​4​2000​Assistant Entomologist​21
​5​2000​Psychatric Social Worker​24
​Total Recruitments in 2000 ​​714
​1​2002​General Duty Medical Officer​545
​2​2002​Assistant Dental Surgeons​80
​3​Total recruitments made​ in 2002 ​​625
​12003Psychiatric Social Worker​13
​22003Physician Grade-2 (Naturopathy)​1
​3​2003​Physician Grade-2 (Yoga)​1
​4​2003​Clinical Psychologist​16
​6​2003​Orthotic Technician​1
​7​2003​Dental Mechanic​2
​8​2003​Librarian Grade-I​1
​9​2003​Staff Nurse (Degree)​109
​10​2003​Physician Grade-2 (Unani)​10
​12​2003​Staff Nurse​362
​13​2003​Junior Health Assistant (Female)​4
​15​2003​Junior Lab Technician​218
​16​2003​Social Worker​2
​18​2003​Medical Record Technician​2
​20​2003​X-ray technician​36
​21​2003​Opthalmic Assitant​23
​22​2003​Dental Mechanic​1
​23​2003​Junior Health Assistant (Male)​247
​24​2003​Block Health Educator​80
​Total recruitments in 2003​1403
​1​2004​Physician Grade-2 (Homoeopathy)​10
​2​​​2004​Physician Grade-2 (Ayurveda)​50
​3​2004​Staff Nurse (Diploma)​396
​4​2004​Junior Health Assitant (Male)​1228
​6​2004​Leather Worker​1
​7​2004​​Junior Lab-Technician​50
​10​2004​Library Assistant​4
​16​2004​Senior Laboratory Technician​15
​17​2004​X-Ray Technician​70
​Total recruitments in 2004​2296
​1​2006​Group-D (Leprosy cured patient)​130
​2​2006​General Duty Medical Officer​325
​3​2006​Junior Health Assistant (Male)​51
​Total recruitments in 2006​506
​1​2007​General Duty Medical Officer ​250
​2​2007​Junior Health Assistant (Male)​22
​Total recruitments in 2008​273
​1​2008​General Duty Medical Officer (2nd Phase)​250
​2​2008​General Duty Medical Officer (KPSC)​815
​3​2008​Staff Nurse​400
​6​2008​X-Ray Technician​90
​7​2008​Opthalmic Assistant​56
​8​2008​Junior Health Assistant (Male)​230
​Total recruitments in 2010​2756
​1​2010​General Duty Medical Officer (KPSC)​542 (219 candidates only selected)
​2​2010​Health Equipment Officer​1
​3​2010​Graduate Pharamacists​15
​4​2010​Junior Chemist​9
​5​2010​Assistant Entomologist​3
​6​2010​Clinical Psychologist​12 (2+10)
​7​2010​Psychiatric Social Worker​23
​8​2010​Staff Nurse​1930
​9​2010​Junior Health Assistant (Male)​972
​10​2010​Junior Medical Laboratory Technologist​168
​11​2010​X-Ray Technician​211
​13​2010​Junior Health Assistant (Female)​297
​14​2010​Opthalmic Assistant​68
​Total recruitments in 2010​​4489
​1​2013-14​Junior Health Assistant (Male)​314
​2​2013-14​Junior Health Assistant (Female)735
​12013-14​Junior Health Assistant (Male) (Backlog)​107
​2​2013-14​Pharmacist (Backlog)​16
​3​2013-14​Group-D (Leprosy Cured)​100
​4​2013-14​Hospital Attendant Grade-II (Group-D)​2323
​Total recruitments in 2013-14​2778
​TOTAL RECRUTIEMNTS FROM 2000 TO 2013-14​​16540