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​​Emergency Medical Service (EMS)

The goal of emergency medical services is to either provide treatment to those in need of urgent medical care, with the goal of satisfactorily treating the malady, or arranging for timely removal of the patient to the next point of definitive care. This is most likely a Casualty at a hospital or another place where physicians are available. The term Emergency Medical Service (EMS) evolved to reflect a change from a simple transportation system (ambulance service) to a system in which actual medical care occurred in addition to transportation.

For effective implementation of National Programmes under Health & Family Welfare Services,  State Health Transport Organization is assisting in Vehicle maintenance.

The Health and Family Welfare Services wing of the Department had a fleet strength of 1762 during 2014-15.   190 vehicles were maintained under Zilla Panchayat which included condemned vehicles.   

Collectively EMS in Karnataka is handled by Today EMS in Karnataka is handled by Government Ambulance Service, Fire or Police Linked Services, Volunteer Ambulance Services, Private Ambulance Services, Combined Emergency Service, Hospital Based Service and Company Ambulances

The strategy developed for pre-hospital trauma care under EMS is based on the Golden Hour theory, i.e., that a trauma victim's best chance for survival is in an operating room, with the goal of having the patient in surgery within an hour of the traumatic event.

Today, this has moved up to the "Scoop and Run" treatment which is generally to transport the patient with in ten minutes of arrival, hence the birth of the phrase, "the platinum ten minutes" (in addition to the "golden hour"), now commonly used.

Current availability of ambulances in the state is as follows:

Sl. No.Particulars Nos. Operational details
1 State owned Ambulances 577 Owned and operated by State Government
2 EMS –108 517+198
PPP Model with Government of Karnataka
and GVK EMRI with 387 BLS and130ALS providing complete State of emergency services

Drop back



Funded by NRHM, process of procurement is completed. These are exclusively for drop back under JSSK.


The EMS-108 scheme is equipped to handle emergency medical care and is operated through the common number ‗108'. There are 517 vehicles currently handling EMS across the state which include 130 ALS and 387 BLS. These vehicles are fully fitted with Advanced Vehicle Tracking System (AVLTS). There is a dedicated call centre to receive the emergency call. 108 is the emergency number dedicated for this service. These ambulances have EMTs and Drivers round the clock. They are equipped to handle medical emergencies.

​Apart from these there are 577 ambulances which are state owned which are also available for emergency case. These are stationed at CHCs, Taluk Hospitals and district Hospitals.​

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