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​​​​Continuation of posts under plan in Health Services Department​

​​​​​​​​In Government Order No. HFW 105 CGM 2015 dated 29.4.2015 budget allocation earmarked for posts sanctioned and continuation of the posts sanction is issued for the following Budget Heads during 2015-16.
​​[1] ​2210-01-110-1-22 | Psychatric clinics, hospital for epidemic diseases, TB Sanitorium, Major and District & Taluk Hospitals and Blood Banks ​​ ​​ ​​ 
​​Institution/Unit​ and Name of Posts
​Number of Posts​​​Institution/Unit​ and Name of Posts​Number of Posts
​​Psychiatric clinics at District Hospitals in Davanagere, Koppal, Gadag, Haveri, Chamarajanagar, Udupi and Bagalkot ​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​
​​District Hospital, Chitradurga ​(Additional Staff to Children ward)
​ ​Assistant Surgeon (Psychiatrist)​​1x7=7 postsECG Technician​1 post
​ ​Clini Psychitractrist​1x7=7 posts​District Hospital, Chickmagalur
​ ​Staff Nurse​1 x 7 = 7 posts​ICCU - Cardiologist​1 post
​ ​Group D​1 x 7= 7 posts​         - ECG Technician​1 post
​ ​Total​4 x 7=28 posts​Total​2 posts
​​E.D Hospital, Mysore ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​​​District Hospital, Kolar
​Assistant Surgeon​1 post​Additional Staff - Dietician​1 post
​ ​FDA​1 oist​District Hospital, Karwar​1 post
​ ​Staff Nurse​1 post​Additional staff - SDA​1 post
​ ​Sanitary worker​2 posts​                          - Lay Secretary​1 post
​​ ​Total​​5 posts​                          - ECG Technician​1 post
​(iii) Government TB and Chest Diseases Hospital, Mudushedde ​​ ​​ ​ ​
​                          Total​​3 posts
​ Pharmacist
​​1 post​District Hospital - Mandya
​ ​​Electrician cum plumber​1 post​Additional Staff - Staff Nurse​​1 post
​ ​Lab attender​1 post​                          - X Ray Technician​1 post
​ ​Total​3 posts​                          - Junior Lab Technician​1 post
​​(iv) Major and District Hospitals -​                          - Dietician​1 post
KCG Hospital, Bangalore ​ ​​                           Total​4 posts
​Medical Record Technician​1 post​District Hospital, Dharwad
​​McGann District Hospital, Shimog​a - Additional Staff to increase bed strength of 71 beds ​ ​​Additional Staff - Group D​3 posts
​Assistant Surgeon​5 posts​                          - Dietician​1 post
​​Nursing superintendent​1 post​                             Total​4 posts
​ ​X-Ray Technician​1 post​Geneneral Hospital, Old Bagalkot Town
​ ​Senior Pharmacist​1 post​Specialist/Senior Specialist​3 posts
​ ​Senior Lab Technician​1 post​Assistant Dental Surgeon​1 post
​ ​FDA​​1 post​X Ray Technician​1 post
​ ​Stenographer​1 post​X Ray Attendar​1 post
​ ​Typist​1 post​Lab Technician​1 post
​ ​X-Ray Assistant​1 post​Lab Attender​1 post
​ ​Lab Assistant​1 post​Group-D​1 post
​ ​Watchman​1 post​Pharmacist​1 post
​ ​Group D​20 posts​Junior Health Assistant (Female)​1 post
​ ​Total​​46 posts​Staff Nurse3 posts​
​Head Quarters Hospital, Madikeri (Additional Staff)​​FDA​1 post
​Office Superintendent​1 post​Typist cum clerk​1 post
​S.C. Hospital, Hassan​Establishment of Blood Banks (21 Nos. at District Hospitals : Udupi, Bidar, Bijapur, Chitradurga, Sh​imoga, Hassan, Karwar, Kolar, Mandya, Tumkur, Raichur, Chickmagalur, Chamarajanagar, Dharwad, Madikeri, Haveri, Koppal, Gadag and HSIS Gosha Hospital, Bangalore, KCG Hospital, Bangalore, General Hospital, Jayanagar, Bangalore
​Lab Additional Staff

​Blood Bank Medical Officer ​1 post
​Pathologist​1 post​Staff Nurse​1 post
​Biochemist​1 post​Lab Technician​1 post
​Senior Lab technician​1 post​Group D ​1 post
​Junior Lab Technician​1 post​Total for 21 blood banks​21x4=84 posts
​Senior Pharmacist (Additional staff)​2 posts​KHSSDP Staff : Continuation of 1368 staff sanct​ioned to Taluks/District Hospitals under the state sector.  Upgradation of 63 Taluka Hospitals to 100 beds along with staff
​Total​7 posts​Upgradation of 38 taluka hospitals from 50 bed to 100 beds (51 x 38 posts)​1938 posts
​HSIS Gosha Hospital, Bangalore​Upgradation of 25 Taluka hospitals from 30 to 100 beds (53 x 25)​1325 posts
​FDA​1 post​Total posts in 117 institutions​3598 posts
​General Hospital, KGF Robertsonpet​2210-01-110-2-41
​Geriatric Services and Telemedicine - Geriatric Centre at District Hospitals: Tumkur, Dharwad, Bijapur, Chickmagalur, Kolar and Kodagu for the welfare of senior citizens to attend to the geriatric problems and for telemedicine project ​(7 centres)
​ECG Technician​1 post​Physiotherapist​1 post
​General Hospital, Udupi​Nurses​3 posts
​ECG Technician​1 post​Technician​1 post
​General Hospital, Somwarpet​Group D​2 posts
​ECG Technician​1 post​Total for 6 centres6 x 7 = 48 posts
​District Hospital, Bidar2210-06-10​1-8002
​National Programme for Prevention and control of blindness
​ICCU Cardiologist​1 post​State level staff : Joint Director (Opthalmology)​6 posts
Medical Record Technician​1 post​General Hospitals: Sagar, Channapatna, Jeevargi​6 posts
​Additional Staff​DMOU Gadag, Hospet, Tiptur, Yadgir, Udupi, Haveri​36 posts
​Senior Pharmacist​2 posts​​2210-80-001-0-02
Opening of burns and dialysis wards | at District Hospitals: Bijapur, Bagalkote, Karwar, Chitradurga, Chamarajanagar, Chickmagalur, Udupi, Kolar, Tumkur, Ramanagaram, Chickbaallapura, Gadag, Dharwad, Haveri, Madikeri, K.C. General Hospital, Bangalore, Janagar General Hospital, General Hospital, Hospet and General Hospital Sagara and Burns wards in District Hospitals Bijapur, Bagalkot, Kolar, Tumkur, Dharrwad and Karwar
​Junior Pharmacist​1 post​District Dialysis Units (17 units)
​Staff Nurse​6 posts​Senior Specialist (Nephrology)​2 posts
​Radiographer​1 post​Staff Nurse​3 posts
​Physiotherapist​1 post​Technicians2​ posts
​Dental Mechanic​1 post​Group D​3 posts
​Dietician​​1 post​Total (17 x 10)​170 posts
​​District Burnt Wards (6 units)​
​Senior Specialists (General Surgery of Plastic Surgery)​2 posts
​Staff Nurse​3 posts
​Technicians​2 posts
​Group D​3 posts
​Total (6 x 10)​60 posts
​Gunia worm Eradication Programme 
​Health Supervisor​1 post
​Non-health supervisor​1 post
​National Iodine Deficiency Disorders Control Programme (100% CSS)
​ ​​State Level Staff : Technical Officer​1 post
​                           : Assistant Statistical Officer​1 post
​                           : SDA cum Typist​1 post
​Total​3 posts
​IDD Monitoring Lab staff:  Junior Lab Technician​1 post
​                                        :  Lab Assistant​1 post
​                                        :  Total​​2 posts

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