*Why buy KS&DL products?(Why Us?) 
KS&DL products are brought to you from the richness of Sandalwood and imbibes the legacy, spirit of Karnataka and the people of Karnataka. All our products are in their best quality and form, and available at prices that are reasonable.


*How can I avail the products offered by KS&DL?
 You can purchase KS&DL products at select/all supermarkets, retail markets all over India. Our Products is also available at our Retail Outlet in
1. M.S Building Complex, Bangalore
2. Retail Outlet, Bangalore H.O. Annexe
3. Retail Outlet, Mysore Sandalwood Oil Division, Mysore
Also, one can purchase our products online in our portal and few online retailer.


*What are the various products available under KS&DL
We offer a variety of Premium and Popular Toilet soaps,Detergents, Agarbhattis/Incense sticks, Talcuum Powder and Other range of Cosmetics.


*How can I express and convey my grievances or comments about KS&DL products?
 We welcome all your opinions and comments, including, customer grievances. Please write to us at: ksdlmris@gmail.com
You can even make your comment in our Contacts section.