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About CeG


The Centre for e-Governance is a Society setup by the Department of Administrative Reforms (DPAR), Government of Karnataka, under the Karnataka Societies Registration Act 1960. The area of operation of the society extends to whole of Karnataka State.  The Society was established in the year 2006. The Centre for e-Governance is an autonomous and independent body set up for conceptualizing, implementing and monitoring of various e-Governance initiatives in Karnataka.

Projects managed by Centre for e-Governance

Projects managed by Centre for e-Governance (CeG) are broadly classified as follows:

Core Infrastructure Projects

These projects namely SDC, KSWAN, SecLAN, M1, Mailing Service and SSDG, etc., act as underlying foundation or pillars on which all the e-Governance projects in the state can run and operate. Establishment and maintenance of the core infrastructure has enabled Departments to plan and implement the suitable e-Governance initiatives. DPAR(e-Governance) through the Centre for e-Governance provides the services of the core infrastructure to all the Departments.

 Core Enterprise Applications

The enterprise applications such as HRMS, e-Procurement and Sachivalayavahini that cuts across various Departments, Users, Citizens, etc. are very important and useful services. These applications have abundantly helped in supporting the working of the personnel in Karnataka Government Secretariat in various ways. Eg:- smooth and effective disbursement of salaries to officers and personnel, ensure fair opportunity and transparent tender processing in G2B services and also comfortable and meticulous movement of documents/files and correspondences across the offices, maintenance of attendance, etc.

 Citizen Delivery Services

Offers UID – Aadhaar enrolment to residents of Karnataka State. An ambitious programme of Govt. of India till date, the UID is to ensure accurate identification of beneficiaries for government services in India and avoid duplicate or hoax beneficiaries while delivering the services to citizens. Karnataka is in leading position in terms of the almost achieved complete registration and assigning of Aadhaar numbers.

 Capacity Building

  • Helps build specific competencies and expertise among Government personnel in implementing and managing e-Governance Projects.
  • Supports assisting Government Departments in Planning and implementing e Governance initiatives.

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