​Work Allocation of the 
Backward Classes welfare Department

The following Offices comes under the jurisdiction of this Department.



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Backward Classes Welfare Department


D.Devaraj Urs Backward Classes Development Corporation


D.Devaraja Urs​ Research Institution​



Karnataka State Backward Classes Commission



Karnataka Residential Educational Institutions Society

(b) The functions and the duties of the Backward Classes Welfare   
Department are shown below

  1. Backward Classes Welfare Department-A Section

1.Service matters, Departmental Enquiries and Appeals pertaining to the employees of  Back Ward Classes Welfare  Department.  
2.Recommendation and Clarifications received from different Associations and Institutions regarding Caste, Creed and other matters relating to Backward Classes.
3.Review of Notifications regarding Backward Classes Commission, Schedule Castes and Schedule Tribes.
4.Setting up of a permanent Backward Classes Community in Karnataka, service matters/plans etc.,
5.Service matters pertaining to Backward Classes Welfare Department Corporation.
6.Matters pertaining to D. Devaraj Urs Research Institution.
a)Legal cases regarding the above subject.
b)LA/LC Questions/Petition Committee and Assurance Committee subjects pertaining to above.
7.RTI, Human Rights cases.
8. The Backward Classes matters relating to State and Central Government 
9. Reservation/Nomination of Nomadic/Semi nomadic Community
10. Matters relating to Vishwakarma Development Board 
11. Nomination to the Kumbara Development Board
12. Matters relating to the establishment of sangoli rayanna.


  1. Backward Classes Welfare Department-B Section
  2. Forwarding the proposals of Students Scholarship and financial assistance to Central Government.
  3. Submission of NGO’s proposals to Government of India.
  4. Recommending the proposals received from Govt. of India.  
  5. Releasing of funds for the different schemes and plans of the Backward Classes Department (4 instalments)
  6. Establishing Government Post-Matric and Pre-Matric Students Hostels.
  7. Release of Grants to Government Post-Matric and Pre-Matric Students Hostels.
  8. Releasing of grants to Private Post-Matric and Pre-Matric students  hostels.
  9. Releasing grants to Private Orphanages.
  10. Fee concession to Students for studies in foreign Countrys.
  11. Release of Grants for the construction of Community Halls and Students Hostels.
  12. Various training programmes.
  13. Nomination for the various Backward Classes Committees.
  14. Nomadic Tribes Cell/Developmental programmes for Nomadic and Semi-Nomadic Tribes/Establishment and maintenance of  Ashram Schools
  15. Constructions of building to Karnataka Backward Classes Commission. 
  16. LA/LC Questions and assurances etc pertaining to Backward Classes Welfare Department. 
  17. All matters relating to D.Devaraj Urs Backward       Classes Corporation (Excluding Service matters)
  18. Construction of D.Devaraj Urs  Bhavan/Birthday celebration.
  19. Establishment  of Residential Hostels connected with the Morarji Desai Residential Schools of Backward Classes.
  20. Providing assistance to brilliant students for study in prestigious schools.
  21. Nabard -  Constructions of buildings under RIDF plan pertaining to Back ward Classes Welfare Department.


  1. Backward Classes Welfare Department Co-ordination and  R&I  Section
    Marking  of all Tappals and Receipts and forwarding it to the different section of the department. Distribution of  material to the different section. Distribution of LA/LC  Questions, petitions and assurances and preparation of Annual Report, obtaining answers to the LA/LC Questions if they belong to more than two sections and co-ordinating and sending the same to the concerned. Subjects pertaining to KDP, MPIC and disposal  of files and distribution of  material to different sections of the department.