Karnataka Resident Data Hub (KRDH)


What is KRDH?

Karnataka Resident Data Hub (KRDH) has been built as a platform to provide various Aadhaar related services to the departments of the State. CeG through KRDH is registered as the ASA (Authentication Service Agency), KSA (e-KYC Service Agency), Authentication User Agency (AUA), e-KYC User Agency (KUA) with UIDAI.

What KRDH does?

As part of ASA, KSA services KRDH has established network connectivity to the Hebbal & Manesar data Centres of UIDAI to ensure maximum availability. The AUA/ KUA connect to the CIDR through an ASA/ KSA (either by becoming ASA/ KSA on its own or contracting services of an existing ASA/KSA). The authentication and e-KYC requests of the registered AUAs/ KUAs are routed to UIDAI through the ASA/ KSA channel.

KRDH also assists the State Government departments in the end to end Authentication User Agency (AUA), e-KYC User Agency (KUA) integration with UIDAI. KRDH works closely with the technical team of the department and proactively assists them towards the AUA/ KUA onboard process and also towards integration of Aadhaar based authentication services in the service delivery process of the department. 



  1. Provides assistance in the end to end integration process for requesting entity (AUA/ KUA). i.e; Guide the departments from submitting the AUA/ KUA request to UIDAI through successful Go-Live.
  2. Provide the ASA/ KSA services to the department at no additional charge to the departments
  3. Assistance for trouble shooting of errors during authentication transactions.
  4. Providing the sample code both in Java and .Net/C# as per department requirement.


Current status and Users of KRDH

  • Sub AUA Services
    • Food & Civil Supplies Department
    • Revenue Department, Atalji Jana Snehi Kendras
    • Directorate of Electronic Delivery of Citizen Services
    • Department of Stamps & Registration
    • Treasury Department
  • AUA/KUA services (On-Board)
    • Education Department - RTE & STS
  • AUA/KUA services (In Pipeline)
    • Agriculture Department
    • AJSK, Revenue Department
    • Social Welfare Department
    • EDCS
    • RGRHCL
    • Backward Classes Welfare Department

  Vist: https://krdh.karnataka.gov.in/