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​​​​The particulars of Transport Department (Secretariat) functions & duties:

Transport is one of th​​e wings of Karnataka Government Secretariat. Transport Secretariat, is the Government with regard to Transport Sector in Karnataka. All activities relating to decision-making pertaining to Transport are being carried out in Transport Secretariat.

The business of the Transport Department Secretariat is transacted through the following wings, viz.,

  1. State Transport Undertakings Section
  2. Motor Vehicles Section
  3. Internal Financial Advisor
  4. Legal Cell
  5. R & I 8 co-ordination

It has under it the Department of Transport, a Commissionerate and four State Transport Undertakings, viz; KSRTC, BMTC, NEKRTC & NWKRTC and a Truck Terminal called DDUTTL.

The Transport Secretariat issues instructions etc. pertaining to Transport matters guidelines.

Government Policies, objectives meant for public are delivered through Transport Secretariat and implemented by Transport Department and through four State Transport Undertakings and Sri.Devaraj Urs Truck Terminal Limited.

New schemes programs to be implemented by Transport Department will be with previous approval of Government in Transport Department.

The functions in the Transport Secretariat are being carried out in accordance with the following Acts & Rules: -

  1. The Central Motor Vehicles Act, 1988
  2. The Central Motor Vehicles Rules 1989
  3. The Karnataka Motor Vehicle Rules, 1989
  4. The Karnataka Motor Vehicle Taxation, Act, 1957
  5. The Karnataka Motor Vehicle Taxation, Rules, 1957
  6. The Road Transport Corporation Act, 1950
  7. vii) The Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation Rules, 1961

Government in Transport Secretariat carries out functions as per the powers exercisable in the above Acts & Rules. The Officers/Officials of Transport Secretariat discharge their duties, responsibilities as per, Secretariat Manual, KG(TB) Rules, KG (A of R) Rules.

The work regarding service matters of the employees and officers which cannot be discharged and which exceeds the delegated powers of the Transport Commissioner are dealt with in Transport Secretariat.

The functions of State Transport Undertakings, are governed by the Road Transport Corporation Act, 1950 and Karnataka Road Transport Corporation Rules, 1961, all issues involving finances and all functions to be carried out by Government as per the Road Transport Corporation Act, 1950 & Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation Rules, 1961 are being discharged in Transport Secretariat.

The Administrative head of Transport Secretariat is the Principal Secretary/Secretary, who is assisted by three Officers of the grade of Class I (Senior Scale) viz; -

  1. Deputy Secretary in all matters.
  2. Deputy Secretary & IFA in financial matters &
  3. Deputy Secretary & Head of Legal Cell in legal matters.

The Deputy Secretary has under him one Under Secretary (Class I Junior Scale)one Desk Officer (Class II) dealing with the Transport Department. One Section Officer, dealing with State Transport Undertakings and DDUTTL matters and another Section Officer, In-charge R&I Section and Co-ordination.

The Deputy Secretary & Internal Financial Advisor is assisted by two SO’s (i) in giving opinion in financial matters; & (ii) in budget and audit matters.

One Under Secretary assists the Deputy Secretary & Head of Legal Cell.


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