Karnataka is known to be one of the pioneer States in the implementation of Special Component Plan for the Integrated Development of Scheduled Castes. Special Component Plan is an important and integral part of the Planning process intended to ensure the rapid socio-economic development of Scheduled Caste. .

There are two aspects of the flow of resources for the Special Component Plan. Firstly, the direct flow of resources through family and individual oriented programmes aimed at economic development. Secondly the flow of resources to the programmes for Scheduled Castes through provisions of services, infrastructure and other facilities. Nearly 966050 of Scheduled Caste families have been assisted during the 9th five-year plan period, under various schemes of Special Component Plan in the State.

The concept of Special Component Plan came into existence from the VI Five-year plan period. Prior to that the economic upliftment schemes for SC families were very few. It was therefore thought of introducing a scheme called as SCP under which all round development of SC people could be brought about. All the Development departments were asked to earmark 15% of their total budget allocation for the welfare of SC people. Except a few departments like Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, Horticulture all other major departments like Power, Irrigation Public Works etc., earmarked only a notional amount for the Welfare of SC's., which was not benefiting the SC's directly. Therefore funds from such departments are being pooled and are being spent for the priority sectors such as Education, Housing, and Irrigation, which bring about overall economic upliftment and infrastructure development of the Schedule Caste people.

  • Agriculture Department
  • Soil Conservation
  • Horticulture Department
  • Sericulture Department
  • Forest Department
  • Co-Operation Deparment
  • Fisheries Deparment
  • Karnataka Power Transmission Corporation Limited 
  • Rural Development & Panchayat Raj Deparment 
  • Industries & Commerce 
  • Secondary Education 
  • Collegiate Education 
  • Kannada & Culture 
  • Youth Service & Sports 
  • Karnataka Urban Water Suply & Sewerage Board 
  • Housing Deparment 
  • Employment & Training 
  • Women & Child Welfare Deparment 
  • Karnataka Handloom Development Corporation 
  • Karnataka Slum Clearance Board 
  • KASCARD Bank 
  • Technical Education 
  • Special Area Program 
  • Roads & Bridges​