​​​​​Organisational Structure​

The department of Social Welfare was established during the year 1956, vide Govt. Order No. SS-4009-SRD-2-56-1 dated 18-10-1956 . The very purpose of starting the department is for the welfare of Scheduled Castes/Scheduled Tribes/ Other Backward Classes/ Women and Children. Subsequently, separate departments for welfare schemes pertaining to Women and Children, Other backward classes and Minorities and Scheduled Tribes were started. At present, the Department of Social Welfare is taking care of the welfare of Scheduled Castes only


Administrative Setup:

The Administrative setup of the department has got three levels

1 .State Level         
2. District Level
3. Taluk Level 

1. State Level​:
At the State Level, the Commissioner of Social Welfare is functioning as the Head of the Department and he is assisted by three Joint Director, four Deputy Directors, One Chief Accounts Officer.  Apart from this, one Joint Director of Social Welfare is working as Director of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar Research Institute. There is one Pre-Examination training centre at Ambedkar Bhavan, Miller's Road, Bangalore, where coaching is given to Scheduled Class students who are aspirants of passing Indian Civil Services Examinations like IAS and IPS. 

2. District Level:
All the Programmes of the Social Welfare Department at the District Level are being implemented by the Zilla Panchayats. The District Social Welfare Officer is Head of Social Welfare at​ the District Level and he will assist the Chief Executive Officer of Zilla Panchayat in implementing the Social Welfare Programmes.

3. Taluk Level:
Taluk Social Welfare Officer is the Head of the Taluk Social Welfare Office and he will work under the control of taluk Panchayat and assist the Executive Officers, Taluk Panchayat and District Social Welfare Officer of the District for the implementation of Departmental Schemes.