​Policy of the Department

Sericulture is an agro-based, labour intensive, export oriented commercial activity. It is an important cottage industry in Karnataka. Sericulture which was considered as a subsidiary occupation in the past is being considered as major activity.

Policy of the Department

The following are the important services being rendered by the Department

  • Multiplication and supply of high yielding mulberry varieties and Silkworm races to farmers.
  • Providing technical guidance and training in sericultural activities namely Mulberry cultivation, silkworm rearing and silk reeling etc., providing benefits under various developmental programmes to the sericulturists and reelers.
  • Facilitate marketing of cocoons and raw silk.
  • Ensure reasonable price to cocoons and silk yarn
  • Liaison with financial institutions to obtain loans for sericulture activities to sericulturists and reelers.
  • Motivate adoption of improved and proven technologies to bring down cost of production by increasing yield, production, productivity and quality of cocoon and silk.
  • Providing subsidy for installation of automatic reeling machines to produce International gradable silk.
  • Strengthening sericultural research and development activities​