1. Committee on Public Accounts 

  2. Committee on Public Undertaking 

  3. Committee on Estimates 

  4. Committee on Petition of the Legislative Assembly 

  5. Committee on Sub-Ordinate Legislation 

  6. Committee on Government Assurances 

  7. Committee on the Welfare of Scheduled Castes/Scheduled Tribes 

  8. Committee on the Welfare of Backward Classes and Minorities 

  9. Committee on Papers Laid on the Table 

  10. Committee on Welfare of Women and Children 

  11. Committee on Library 

  12. Committee on Privileges 

  13. Committee on House 

  14. Committee on Local Bodies and Panchayath Raj 

  15. Committee on Private Members Bills and Resolutions 

  16. Joint Rules Committee 

  17. House Committee Regarding NICE Project 

  18. House Committee Regarding Irregularities in Power Purchase 

  19. House Committee Regarding Tanks Encroachment 

  20. House Committee Regarding Working Style of Clubs in the State 

  21. House Committee Regarding Illegal Sand Mining Study Team 

  22. Joint House Committee (Media) 

  23. Committee on Non-Resident Forum(Karnataka) 

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